The IDEAL Policy creates vast economic and social benefits, building safer communities, boosting the U.S. GDP by billions yearly and solving the looming Social Security crisis.

Projected economic benefits

  1. An infusion of billions in revenue to the workforce trust fund each year.

  2. A boost to U.S. GDP of over 3% by year 10 of the IDEAL policy.

  3. Massive aid to the solvency of the U.S. Social Security system.

  4. An increase in jobs and wages for Americans of all income and education levels.

  5. Advantages to U.S. tech firms, enabling them to recruit top global talent.

  6. Strengthening of U.S. economic and political ties with other countries.

  7. Billions in remittances to home nations by U.S. immigrants, decreasing world poverty.

  8. A drastic increase to the U.S. stock market—many have estimated it would double.

  9. An increase in U.S. real-estate prices.

Projected SOCIAL benefits

  1. Enhanced border security resulting in safer communities.

  2. Increased immigration enforcement efforts focused on criminal aliens involved in violent crime, narcotics, etc. rather than aliens working honestly in the U.S.

  3. Rebuilding of infrastructure including roads, hospitals, schools, municipal water, police, and fire stations.