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The numbers don’t lie: Legal immigration enriches our nation both in economics and in diversity. As the birth rates continue to drop, baby boomers age out of the labor force, and legal immigration reform continues to tighten its belt, we are left with unfilled jobs in fields that America needs to stay on top of the global economy. 

Since 2004, the H-1B cap has remained the same-- 85,000 visas per year. 

Compared to the 150 million Americans in the United States workforce, immigration does very little to affect the availability of jobs. In fact, there are a record 7.3 million job openings as of June 30, 2019. With 6.1 million people who are unemployed in the US, that leaves a whopping 1.2 million jobs that still need to be filled. 

Mathematically, the United States could accept 14 times the amount of legal, visa-holding immigrants in order to fill all the available slots

We need nurses (1.03 million), nursing aides (422K), IT specialists (235K), preschool teachers (178K). and HVAC specialists (136K). 

We need elementary and middle school teachers  (597K, 251K), accountants (498K), construction managers (138K), and market researchers (137K). 

We need college professors (553K), doctors and surgeons (261K), lawyers (240K), pharmacists (106K), and social workers (61K). 

All of these jobs are critical to America. So, where are we going to find people to fill them? With a falling population and with time running out on social security funding, the only answer is to look across our borders.