The IDEAL Policy Group is lead by people who believe in the power of sensible and secure immigration legislation reform.


Steve kuhn, Founder

Steve Kuhn is the founder of the IDEAL Policy Group - a transformative initiative in improving America’s socioeconomic well-being through immigration reform. In late 2018, Steve created the IDEAL Immigration Policy as a solution to fix America's broken immigration system. Having served on the board of directors of the Immigrant Justice Corps, the country’s first fellowship program dedicated to providing high-quality legal assistance for immigrants seeking citizenship and fighting deportation, for over five years, Steve has gained first-hand experience in assisting immigrants through their journey to live and work in the US.

Steve’s career started as a trader working at Piper Jaffray and continued as a portfolio manager at the top financial firms in the world including Citadel and Goldman Sachs. In 2008, he joined Pine River Capital Management and became one of the most successful hedge fund managers of all time, with over $4bn AUM and annualized returns of over 30% during his fund’s 6-year fund life. During this time, he also served as Chief Investment Officer of the public company, Two Harbors Investment Corp., which grew to a market cap of $4bn+ under his leadership.

Steve has founded and is currently working with numerous charities including Charity: Water, Young Voices of Austin, the Andy Roddick Foundation. Steve currently serves as a Founding Board Member of the Immigration Justice Corps, the country's first fellowship dedicated to meeting the need for high-quality legal assistance for immigrants seeking citizenship and fighting deportation.

His current initiative, the IDEAL Policy Group seeks to transform US immigration by restoring immigration levels to historic highs. This program benefits America through massive economic growth, betters the lives of immigrants and current US citizens while raising the quality of life for people globally. Steve can be followed on Twitter @IDEALPolicyNow and on LinkedIn here.



Avraham Berkowitz serves as a Government Relations Advisor for the IDEAL Policy group having spent decades navigating U.S. and global political landscapes. He also serves as the Senior Advisor for Global Impact, Synthetic Neurobiology Group, MIT Media Lab headed by Breakthrough neuroscientist Professor Ed Boyden. 

Avraham has diverse experience and expertise advising companies and non-profits in Education, Health, and Technology in strategic partnerships, Social responsibility and Impact. Including, Airbnb, FundRx, Kiva, Tent Foundation, US Science and Engineering Festival, Toptal, Epibone and Zearn. 

Rabbi Berkowitz served as a Director at Chabad Headquarters and the Global Chabad Development Fund (MIDF), from 2010-October 2016 providing supplemental support for educational & humanitarian programs in 89 countries, and continues to serve as an alternate delegate of the Chabad NGO at the United Nations in New York.

Avraham is a member of the World Economic Forums Civil Society community and works with leaders of major NGOs, collaborating with businesses and Governments to tackle global challenges. He serves as a board member for the Inspirasia Foundation, which supports nonprofits in health services, education, and job skills in Indonesia, India and Thailand. 

A native of Southfield, Michigan, he currently lives with his wife Leah and their five children in Brooklyn, New York. He is fluent in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish and conversant in Spanish and Russian. Avraham can be followed on Twitter @globalrabbi and on LinkedIn here.



Meghan started her career in policy studying international relations at Georgetown University. As a ghostwriter she has written eleven books for business executives on a topics from immigration reform and live-work visas to business process management and marketing. She is the founder of JellyMedical, whose flagship patent-pending scar therapy bra is the first of its kind for women who have undergone breast surgery. She is now the Chief of Staff for IDEAL Immigration. Meghan can be found on Linkedin or on Twitter @MC_Fitzpatrick.


Zachary casler, writing & digital strategy

Zachary graduated from Lehigh University and began his career with IBM consulting with Fortune 500 oil & gas clients, eventually moving into commodity logistics. As a commodity operator, he coordinated physical exports of ethanol out of the US and around the globe. He is currently the founder of The Round (formerly Dindr), the first dating app to match and arrange dates for the same day. Zach writes copy, policy and manages digital strategy for IDEAL Immigration. Zachary can be found on LinkedIn here.


Scott Hickle, Policy Advisor

Scott is a software product manager at Keller Williams and hardline moderate political junkie. In the past he has worked as a launch engineer at SpaceX and spent time on The Hill as an assistant with the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas and advises IDEAL on bipartisan political strategy. Scott can be found on LinkedIn here.